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SnapHack allows users to save SnapChat images. iTunes

SnapChat is a mobile app that allows users to send text messages, video and photos with a time limit that causes the Snap to delete once it expires. SnapChat has exploded in popularity, especially among teens, and many have used it to send risqué messages under the assumption that it will delete after a few seconds.

Well, a new iPhone app may make SnapChat users think twice. SnapHack launched this week, and allows users to save and reopen SnapChat messages even after the timer expires.

Perhaps even more frightening for SnapChat users that send adult images of themselves is that SnapHack doesn’t notify the original user that that the recipient has saved their message. SnapHack users can even forward the SnapChat messages along to other friends.

SnapHack was created by Darren Jones using Iconical, an app that allows users to customize iPhone apps, according to Business Insider. It is available on the iTunes store for 99 cents.

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SnapHack allows users to save SnapChat images iTunes

Once downloaded, users simply need to login to the SnapHack app using their SnapChat account and view all of their recent and new SnapChat messages. If a user looks at a SnapChat message for the first time with SnapHack, it won't delete.

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SnapHack allows users to save SnapChat messages. iTunes

The image will remain in SnapHack every time a user returns, even if they look at it again in SnapChat and the message disappears after the time limit. The only key is remembering to use SnapHack to look at the images for the first time.

The app could be a potentially dangerous weapon for purveyors of “revenge porn,” an exploding subgenre of online pornography created by jilted ex-lovers uploading adult images of their former partners. California recently passed a bill making revenge porn illegal, but the problem hasn’t gone anywhere yet.

SnapChat hasn't made a statement regarding SnapHack.