Warner Bros. signed a major film distribution agreement with LoveFilm, which will give LoveFilm customers in the UK wider choice and more access to Warner Bros. content across a range of options, the companies announced Thursday.

The deal will give customers more access to recent Warner Bros. films through LoveFilm's Watch Online service. People can watch the films through the LoveFilm Player, which can be installed on a PC, Sony Playstation 3, Apple iPad, along with other web-enacted TV sets and Blu-ray players. Later this year, the player will be available through Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Beginning in December, LoveFilm customers will receive movies including The Dark Knight, The Hangover, Gran Torino and Sex and the City 2. The companies plan to expand the amount and range of offerings over time.

LoveFilm is a subsidiary of Seattle-based Amazon.com. Warner Bros. is a subsidiary of New York-based Time Warner.

This significant deal with LoveFilm and its parent company Amazon takes a 360 approach to delivering Warner Bros.' world class movies across multiple business lines, Josh Berger, President and Managing Director of Warner Bros. UK, Ireland and Spain said in a joint statement. Now, LoveFilm customers will enjoy more ways of enjoying great film content, all with the ease that the service has been known for.

LoveFilm also expressed enthusiasm about the partnership.

This major deal builds on our partnership with Warner Bros. and gives LoveFilm members exclusive access to world-class movies across multiple platforms, LoveFilm CEO Simon Calver said in the statement. We are committed to delivering the best entertainment service possible -- giving our members the content they want on the platforms of their choice.

Earlier this week, Netflix and Lionsgate UK announced a similiar licensing deal, which will begin in early 2012.

Shares of Amazon are down 2.40 percent to $206.91 at late morning trading, while shares of Time Warner are down 0.38 percent to $33.85 at late morning trading.