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  • The STB 556 excels in mid-long range engagements
  • The gun has stable recoil with high damage retention at range
  • Equip a complementary SMG or shotgun to make up for the STB's shortcomings

The STB 556, otherwise known as the Steyr AUG by real-world standards, has proven itself to be one of the most reliable weapons across all of "Modern Warfare 2's" game modes.

The weapon has a solid foundation with excellent base stats, low recoil and an impressive damage fall-off range. Players can take the STB 556 into any engagement and still have a chance at defending themselves against everything but the fastest of SMGs or the most accurate of snipers.

Still, base stats alone aren't enough to make this assault rifle truly shine. Here's a recommended attachment setup as well as some good secondary weapon options that players can take before dropping into Al-Mazrah.

STB 556 Attachments

The following is a long-range STB setup that greatly increases its effectiveness against distant targets at the expense of some handling. The time it takes to aim down sights will take a slight hit, so players will have to compensate one way or another.

  • Barrel: 508mm Rear Guard
  • Muzzle: FTAC Castle (non-silenced)/Harbinger D20 (silenced)
  • Underbarrel: Operator Foregrip
  • Rear Grip: STIP-40
  • Sight: Preference
Modern Warfare 2 - DMZ stronghold
Modern Warfare 2 introduces DMZ mode as an addition to Warzone Activision

The barrel can be exchanged for the longer 686mm Bruen Turaco for more range, recoil control and bullet velocity with the added bonus of noise suppression. However, this will slow the gun's handling down even more and prevent players from using other muzzle attachments.

This setup is a little more versatile than other STB 556 configurations, but players are still advised to keep their engagement distances beyond 20 meters so they can capitalize on the gun's innate strengths.

Secondary Weapon Options

A gun that can fill in for the STB's weaknesses in close quarters makes for an ideal secondary weapon. SMGs like the Fennec or FSS Hurricane are great for dealing with indoor engagements.

The Bryson 800 shotgun is also a devastating CQB option for players who want to go all-in with their STB's range. It can be turned into a snappy and responsive backup weapon for when gunfights become too close for comfort.

Alternatively, the Strela-P rocket launcher is excellent for players who want to fulfill an anti-vehicle role. It's a good choice for hitting fast-moving targets like light vehicles and helicopters, though it is cumbersome to use.

Modern Warfare 2 Season One
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