MW2 Konig
Konig in the Operators screen of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Modern Warfare 2


  • F2P players can unlock operators in "Warzone 2.0" and DMZ
  • Players must eliminate another player with a takedown to unlock König
  • König is best unlocked with friends in DMZ

There are over a dozen unique operators in "Modern Warfare 2," and while most of them are locked behind the SP and MP game modes, there are a few that the F2P "Warzone 2.0" and DMZ crowd can actively grind for.

König is one such operator. He's locked behind a simple but difficult task that involves a lot of luck in normal circumstances. However, there is a way to potentially cheese this operator's challenge and save players a ton of time and patience.

How to Unlock König

The challenge to unlock König involves eliminating an enemy player with a takedown, which is executed by hitting the melee attack button while behind an unsuspecting victim. After the short animation, the enemy will be immediately killed and the operator will be unlocked for the killer.

Scoring a takedown isn't exactly an easy thing to do in a game mode like "Warzone" where players are constantly on the move. One not-so-reliable way to get a free takedown is to drop onto the very edge of the circle and pray that someone is trying to AFK farm XP.

A more consistent method of getting takedowns is to ask a friend (preferably one who lives nearby) to queue into a "Warzone" or DMZ game together and hope that they get into the same match. If both players are placed in the same lobby, it's only a matter of linking up and performing the takedown for free.

A stun grenade may help in getting a takedown in regular play.

MW2 Warzone 2.0
Modern Warfare 2's Warzone includes a third-person camera perspective Activision

How to Get König's "Anonymous" DMZ Skin

König has a DMZ-related skin that players can get by finishing the Frame Job mission contract, which involves the following steps:

  • Purchase an LTV with a gun turret for $18000 from a shop
  • Kill 10 enemies at the Ahkdar Village using the LTV's gun
  • Drive to the Mawizeh Marsh and destroy the LTV there

AI bots count as enemies for the second step of the contract, and the LTV can be destroyed by shooting it with any weapon, not just thrown explosives or rocket launchers. Be careful as the sound of machine gun fire at the village may attract hostile operators.

Players must finish five Tier 2 Legion missions before starting the Frame Job contract.

Warzone 2.0 Ahkdar Village
Ahkdar Village is located near the center of Al-Mazrah, by the Zaya Observatory Warzone 2.0