The first official trailer for "Nina," the Nina Simone biopic, is finally here — but not everyone is thrilled.

The trailer, released on NBC's "Today" show Wednesday, shows leading lady Zoe Saldana — and afro-latina who is both Puerto Rican and Dominican — with a few major changes to her appearance. The "Guardians of the Galaxy" actress is shown with noticeably darker skin, a prosthetic nose and an afro-textured wig to make her look more like the singer turned civil rights activist.

The film has been surrounded by controversy since it was first announced in 2012 that Saldana, now 37, had been chosen over Mary J. Blige, who was initially slated to take the role. Many fans wondered why the New Jersey native, who has noticeably lighter skin than Simone did, had been chosen over someone who more closely resembled Simone. The trailer has added fuel to that fire.

Twitter users were quick to bash "Nina," with some suggesting that it was essentially "blackface." Others joked that it was just another let down from Hollywood and questioned the judgment of "the producers, actors, director, studio." One tweeter went as far as to call Saldana's appearance in "Nina" a disgrace to Simone's legacy.

Saldana's "Nina" co-star David Oyelowo first revealed details about the film in February 2013. At the time, he shared with E! News that the female lead would be doing some singing, adding that he was "blown away" by how good she was. He added that Simone was "no joke" as a singer, insinuating that Saldana had some big shoes to fill.

Twitter users aren't the only ones frustrated with "Nina" and it's casting. In November 2012, singer India Arie spoke out about Saldana being selected for the role, stating that the prosthetics added to her face looked "weird." Radar Online reported that she also thought that Saldana was too light, suggesting that someone with darker skin would have been better suited for the biopic.

"Nina" is slated to hit theaters on April 22. Saldana has not yet responded to the controversy.