Sinking Boat
10 people were thrown from a speeding boat and injured, including the allegedly drunk driver, in an accident on Lake Gage, just south the of the Michigan-Indiana border, July 15, 2017. Here, at least nine people were dead and 28 missing after a tourist boat Almirante sank for unknown reasons in a reservoir in Colombia, June 25, 2017. Getty Images

Ten people, including the driver, were injured after they were ejected from an out-of-control boat Saturday in a lake in Indiana. The boat kept going after throwing people off and caused huge damage to the property.

The 21-foot-boat circled in the waters of Lake Gage, Indiana, at about 30mph per hour even after the operator and other people were thrown out and it rammed into a dock until two conservation officers got control of it.

Dominique Effinger, 20, from Fort Wayne, who was driving the boat was arrested for being intoxicated and causing injury. He was also accused of possessing alcohol. Effinger was later released on bond from the Steuben County Jail, according to Indiana DNR Law Enforcement, NBC News reported.

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According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR), while Effinger was driving, the boat took a “violent turn” and threw everyone into the lake. Among the 10 people injured in the incident, four were severely wounded. One had a skull fracture and another lost one part of an arm. Two of them were airlifted to a Fort Wayne hospital while others were admitted to a hospital in Angola with non-life threatening injuries, according to DNR officials, WHTC in Michigan reported.

In the video footage of the accident, the unmanned boat can be seen circling around at a high speed after throwing off people as conservation officers try to get control of it. The boat is seen hitting a pier before striking another boat on its way. The incident took place Saturday around 7:13 p.m. EDT, following which the officers received a 911 call to the spot.

According to DNR Spokesman James Price, while the boat was seen circling at a high speed as it neared the shore, Conservation Officer Jake Carlile immediately threw a rope around the boat’s propeller in order to slow down the out-of-control vehicle. Carlile managed to get hold of the boat and wrangled it, however, it stuck at a pier and rear-ended the conservation officer’s patrol boat. The entangled rope slowed down the runaway boat enough for the officer to jump onto it and bring it under control.

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Sabrina Minser, an eyewitness, narrated the entire incident. She told NewsChannel 15 in Indiana her husband escorted a paramedic in order to help the injured people thrown off into the water via a jet ski. DNR spokesman Price also said several other people present at the spot helped take victims to the shore so that they could receive instant treatment.

The boat was a Correct Craft Ski Ski Nautique, according to the DNR officials, NewsChannel 15 reported.

Another recent boat mishap took place near the Colombian city of Medellin in June, when a tourist boat carrying over 150 people sank on a reservoir. Nine people were dead and at least 28 went missing after the incident. The four-storeyed boat called El Almirante went down near the Guatape reservoir on June 25. Videos circulated on social media showed the turquoise and yellow-trimmed recreational boat sinking as people desperately tried to escape from the vessel.