“Saturday Night Live” brought the laughs in Season 43, episode 3. Actor Kumail Nanjiani hosted the installment while Pink sang, but it wasn’t either of their performances in the best sketch of the night.

1. “Kellywise” — The funniest skit from last night’s “SNL” was a parody of “It” that brought back Kate McKinnon’s delightful impressions of both Kellyanne Conway and Hillary Clinton. In the sketch, Anderson Cooper (Alex Moffat) doesn’t want to book Kellyanne on his show. When he leaves the studio for the night, he finds Kellyanne waiting for him in the sewer. She’s “Kellywise” now, and she’s offering to give “crazy, crazy quotes” in her interview.

“O.K. so Puerto Rico actually was worse before Hurricane Maria, and the hurricane actually did blow some buildings back together. And I don’t know why Elizabeth Warren won’t tweet about that,” Kellyanne offers.

It seems Kellyanne is dragging other hosts into the sewer too. Rachel Maddow (Cecily Strong) is down there, and a cop (Kenan Thompson) says she has been pulling people into her lair for days.

2. “Nursing Home” — Nanjiani plays a doctor in a retirement home in this “SNL” skit, but the old folks here aren’t just playing bingo. The doctor tells two siblings (Mikey Day and Heidi Gardner) that their grandmother (McKinnon) has been getting sexually transmitted infections regularly because she refuses to use protection. “You know how stubborn your grandma can be,” the doctor tells her horrified grandchildren. McKinnon has exactly one line in this “Saturday Night Live” clip, but her physical comedy skills make her a standout.

3. “Bank Breakers” — Paul (Nanjiani) and Gretchen (Strong) are competing on a TV show for money. Paul is planning to buy a new wardrobe if he wins, but he immediately feels awful once Gretchen reveals that she plans to pay for her daughter’s surgery. Plus, she’s a veteran. Also, she was recently robbed. As Gretchen reveals more about herself, Paul realizes that he looks like a terrible person. Every attempt he makes to try and ease the situation just makes it so much worse.

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Best SNL skits from last night
Kumail Nanjiani hosted “SNL” Season 43, episode 3, but it was Kate McKinnon who stole the show in the best skits of the night. NBC/Will Heath