Step up, and then step up again. That seems to be the motto of dancer/actress/singer Alyson Stoner, 24, who continues to step up her game.

This time around she's gotten some help from dancer Aja George, who she worked with on the third “Step Up” film. They wrapped production on the film in 2010, but if this new video Stoner uploaded to her YouTube on Tuesday is any indication, then the two have stayed very close. Close enough that George took a trip from Nashville to visit Stoner for a few days and they decided to do what they love most: dance.

The “Camp Rock” actress uploaded a new video to her YouTube page on Tuesday of a new dance cover to a song called “RU” by fellow YouTubers Niki and Gabi. The simple video features Stoner and George having a blast, letting their friendship shine through, as they dance with their fun-loving hearts.

The duo incorporates pillow fights, the robot and the “Thriller” dance into their choreography, and it all just gives off good, smile-worthy vibes.

Stoner has been really amping up her YouTube game lately with a slew of dance covers, singing videos and vlogs. Her creativity is on full blast as she releases a different type of video every week, depending on what she’s in the mood to create and to share.

Once a young dancer in music videos, like Missy Elliot’s “Work It” and Eminem’s “Just Lose It,” Stoner has gone on to truly make a name for herself in the worlds of YouTube, acting and dancing, starring in both Disney Channel “Camp Rock” movies with Demi Lovato, and, most notably in the world of dance, starring as Camille in the 2006 flick “Step Up” starring Channing Tatum.

While Stoner’s role in the film wasn’t extravagant, she did get a chance to show off her dancing skills to both Channing Tatum’s Tyler within the film, and everyone watching the film from the outside. It’s no wonder she was brought back to the franchise to reprise her role in the third and fifth films in the series, “Step Up 3D” and “Step Up All In,” respectively. The fifth film is the latest in the series, though a Chinese-language sixth film is in the works.

She now spends a lot of time working on her YouTube account, but she still lives in the acting world. The “Cheaper By The Dozen” star has a couple of films finishing up production currently. She’s starring in the action-filled “Adi Shankar’s Gods And Secrets,” which also happens to star fellow “Step Up” franchise actress Sharni Vinson. Also coming up is her comedy film “Mr. Invincible,” which is set to be released in June 2018.

With a long period left before she’ll start doing publicity for these two films, perhaps Stoner can convince Disney Channel and her former co-stars to put together a third “Camp Rock” film. But she’ll also be able to use the time to continue working on her YouTube videos, giving fans the consistent new content they crave.

Here’s hoping she brings in more “Step Up” dancers to join her, or perhaps a “Camp Rock” star or two. Subscribing to her channel is the easiest way to stay tuned.