• A video of a pilot landing a plane on thick jungle has gone viral 
  • The 55-second clip showed the pilot "seamlessly" landing a plane in the middle of a jungle
  • India's Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Kiren Rijiju praised valiant efforts of the pilot in tweet

Daring airplane landings can often be seen in movies, but there are some instances in real life when a pilot reaches into his bags of tricks and pulls off something miraculous.

A 55-second video is going viral all over the internet after it was shared on Twitter by user Vuelos y Viajes. The clip shows a pilot seemingly looking for a spot to land a plane in what appears to be a dense jungle.

The pilot was able to locate a strip of land amid the tree line and “seamlessly” landed the aircraft, said the Indian Express.

While others might find the video scary, the pilot seemed to be calm even if he knew that they were in danger and that lives are on the line. Call it nerves of steel or grace under pressure, what the pilot did was more than extraordinary.

Plane & Pilot said the plane appears to be a Cessna 172.

Cessna Aircraft
A small plane crashed into a crowd of onlookers in Germany killing three and injuring several others. In this image, a flight instructor (L) watches a student perform a pre-flight check on a Cessna 172 before leaving the American Flyers Pilot Training School on Jan. 7, 2002, at Palwaukee Municipal Airport in Wheeling, Illinois. Getty Images/Tim Boyle

Since it was shared, the daring video has been viewed more than a million times. Over 300 Twitter users have also retweeted the clip, including India's Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Kiren Rijiju, who lauded the valiant efforts of the pilot.

“I've been with many top pilots and landed in most difficult locations and terrains. I even had miraculous escapes on many occasions but this landing is by far the most adventurous one!” said Rijiju in his Twitter post.

Vuelos replied to Rijiju's post, saying that Brazil is filled with “illegal runways.” It is called “garimpo” in Portuguese and is often used in gold mining.

The harrowing video also made one Twitter user question how the pilot was able to fly back up after landing the plane in such a thick jungle.

“Landing is one thing but how in the world would he take off again? The bumps and tufts of grass do a nice job of slowing the aircraft down on landing but how could he ever get up to speed again to clear the trees?” asked Johnny BCCB.

Vuelos posted a video of “another aircraft” taking off. The alarm in the video, the user said, is the stall warning which means that the aircraft is “taking off right at the edge of speed.”