Ysabelle Cuevas and Jungkook
Ysabelle Cuevas did a Tagalog cover of BTS Jungkook's song "Seven." justysabelle/Instagram and @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter


  • Ysabelle Cuevas is widely known for her self-titled YouTube channel, Ysabelle
  • While driving, she created a short Tagalog version of Jungkook's solo song, "Seven"
  • Ysabelle previously did English covers of BTS' songs "Spring Day" and "Fake Love"

Filipino musician and YouTuber Ysabelle Cuevas took to Instagram to share a Tagalog version of BTS' Jungkook's solo debut single "Seven."

In her post titled "If 'Seven' was written in Tagalog," the 26-year-old singer revealed she was driving one day when she thought Jungkook's song "would slap in Tagalog."

After uploading her Tagalog cover of "Seven" on Aug. 7, her video gained over 438,000 views on Instagram and over 411,800 views on TikTok.

In her Tagalog version of "Seven," Ysabelle wrote:

"Lunes, Martes, Miyerkules, Huwebes
Biyernes at Sabado
Mamahalin ka nang tama, baby
Oh, hanggang Linggo
Bawat oras o minuto at segundo
Araw hanggang habi
Lagi sa 'yong tabi buong linggo"

Aside from writing original songs, she has been known for singing English covers of K-Pop songs by artists like BTS, Crush, Taeyeon, Chanyeol, BLACKPINK, IU, Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN and Taeyang, among many others.

One of the most popular song covers on her YouTube channel is her English cover of BTS' 2017 song "Spring Day." She uploaded the cover the same year BTS released the song, and it has since gained over 12.3 million views on the online video streaming platform.

She also uploaded covers for other BTS songs, including "Fake Love," "The Truth Untold," Boy With Luv," "Euphoria" by Jungkook, "Promise" by Jimin, "Life Goes On," "Heartbeat" and "Epiphany" by Jin, among others.

The BTS song covers by Ysabelle boast millions of views each.

Ysabelle's most recent K-Pop song covers were "Cupid" by FIFTY FIFTY, "Ditto" by NewJeans and "Let Go" by BTS.

In addition to original songs and K-Pop song covers, she uploads other types of music content like Original Pinoy Music (OPM), K-drama covers, Pop covers and more.

BTS Jungkook made his official debut as a soloist with his solo digital single "Seven" featuring American rapper Latto on July 14.

"Seven," described by BigHit Music as an "invigorating summer song" that will make listeners feel the full breadth of Jungkook's charm," recently broke the record previously held by BLACKPINK's Lisa for the longest charting song by a K-Pop soloist on Global Spotify's Daily Top 10, per World Music Awards.

Jungkook's solo digital single also debuted at No. 1 on Spotify's Global Top Songs chart after garnering 15,995,378 filtered streams on its first day alone, per Chart Data.

This makes the "Golden Maknae" of BTS the first artist, aside from Taylor Swift, to surpass 15 million first-day streams for a song on Spotify, according to Soompi.

Screenshot from 정국 (Jung Kook) 'Seven' Recording Film BANGTANTV/YouTube