• Svetlana Sanarova, 64, caught an 18-month-old baby boy as he fell from the second-floor window of his home
  •  She was later honored by authorities after her act was shared on social media
  • The boy's family provided Sanarova with monetary reward, which she said she did not need

An elderly woman from southern Russia was caught on camera saving an 18-month-old baby boy that had fallen from the second-floor window of his home over a week ago.

Svetlana Sanarova, 64, had been walking home from a supermarket in the city of Novokuznetsk in Russian's Kemerovo Oblast region on July 21 when she spotted the toddler — identified as Egor —clinging to a window, The New York Post reported.

Surveillance camera footage of the incident showed the grandmother dropping her bags and rushing to the window with her arms held out.

"I thought, if I didn't catch him, he would crash before my eyes... I needed to run and catch, or it would be much worse," Sanarova was quoted as saying by the East2West news service.

Sanarova was able to catch the child as he fell from the window a few seconds after she had arrived.

"He turned out to be rather heavy, but I did not think about the risk at that moment," she said.

Egor's 27-year-old father, Dmitry Teryokhin, ran down to retrieve his son after the incident, according to the report.

Teryokhin claimed he thought his wife was looking after the boy, but she had gone to get a bottle for their child, The New York Post said. The couple has a 4-year-old daughter, Egor and his twin sister.

Sanarova later left the scene and went to her bench after he was thanked by the father, who had not asked for her name.

The elderly woman was identified six days later and she was honored by authorities after many posts about the incident circulated on social media. Teryokhin had attempted to reward her 1,000 rubles ($13), but she refused to accept the money because it "offended" her.

Teryokhin, however, insisted she take the reward and put the money in Sanarova's bag even as she said, "I don't need it."

"I didn’t think about any risk. I was only afraid that he would die," Sanarova told Russian news agency Ruptly, according to The New York Post.

"And then I worried about what happened to him, until I read in the newspaper that he got away with only minor bruises," she said.

Representation. Svetlana Sanarova, 64, had caught 18-month-old Egor as he fell fromt he second-floor window of his home. Pixabay