The "Grand Theft Auto 5" leaks keep on coming.

First, the "GTA 5" soundtrack and pre-load theme were revealed. A full map of the entire game world was recently leaked as well. Now, it looks as if "GTA 5" gameplay footage has been leaked.

Rockstar Games itself has warned against "inevitable" leaks, posting this comment on its website. NOTE: SPOILER ALERT BELOW!


If you want to watch the leaked gameplay footage, you can head over to this Vine account here. We caution you, though, that you'll be spoiling quite a bit of the game for yourself.

The leaker posted "GTA 5" gameplay videos featuring tons of content, including Trevor, Michael and Franklin doing various things. You'll also see multiple cars, guns, combat, the Ammunation gun store, various activities and much much more. Jsticks11 also posted a message he received, indicating that his Xbox 360 has been banned from Xbox Live as a result of the leaks.

UPDATE: You can also watch all of the leaked "GTA 5" gameplay video in GIF form below.


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