• Le Sserafim members recently went live on Weverse
  • Chaewon accidentally pulled down Yunjin's top twice during the live
  • The group will release the Japanese version of "Unforgiven" on Aug. 23

Chaewon accidentally pulled down Yunjin's top twice during Le Sserafim's recent live broadcast on Weverse.

The South Korean girl group went live on Weverse – an online community for artists and fans – on Thursday night.

During one part of the live stream, Chaewon, who was seated next to Yunjin, accidentally pulled down the strap of her co-member's top.

When Chaewon tapped Yunjin on the shoulder, her fingers got stuck on Yunjin's top's ribbon spaghetti strap, pulling it down the first time.

Moments later, Chaewon accidentally did it again when she placed her arm on Yunjin's other shoulder.

A Le Sserafim fan account clipped this part of the Weverse live and uploaded it on Twitter. The video clip has since gained over 1,000 retweets, 470 quotes and 5,600 likes.

"I think [S]akura [was a] little worried because it's live, and it's a little too much for an idol, even if it's just an accident," commented a worried fan.

"I'll be waiting for the translation of this live patiently," another fan commented with a laughing emoji.

A different fan said, "Chaewon is so mortified that she wants to disappear. [Laugh out loud]."

"[E]unchae and [S]akura watched this with horror in their eyes [for real]," another supporter commented.

On Tuesday at midnight KST, Le Sserafim announced the release of its second Japanese single album, "Unforgiven," via its official social media accounts.

The three-track Japanese album will include the Japanese version of "Unforgiven" from the group's first studio album, the Japanese version of "Antifragile" and a collaborative single with a Japanese pop artist, according to Korea Times.

Le Sserafim's first studio album, "Unforgiven," released on May 1, was a declaration of the members' will to march ahead in the direction they see fit, freeing themselves from others' standards.

It contained 13 tracks, with the title track "Unforgiven" featuring American record producer, guitarist and composer Nile Rodgers.

The studio album version of "Unforgiven" also came with a music video, which gained almost 80 million views since its premiere on May 1.

Le Sserafim is a five-member South Korean girl group with Source Music, a label under Hybe, consisting of members of different nationalities: Korean, Korean-American and Japanese.

The group debuted with six members — Sakura, Kim Chaewon, Huh Yunjin, Kazuha, Hong Eunchae and Kim Garam — on May 5, 2022. Unfortunately, Garam's contract was terminated, and she was removed from the group in July 2022 amid bullying allegations.

The name of the group is an anagram of the phrase "I'm fearless," capturing the group's confidence as it goes out into the world fearlessly and unwavering before the watchful eyes of the public, according to Source Music.