In an unsual sight, a suspect that the California Highway Patrol was chasing Tuesday, broke into a brief dance after he was cornered by the authorities.

A nearly half-a-minute video of the incident, recorded by a news helicopter flying above the scene in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, was uploaded on social media. The clip began with the suspect being surrounded by a number of patrol officers, who had their guns trained on the suspect, as they yelled orders at him. The suspect initially appeared to be complying with the authorities, backing away from his vehicle – a white four-door sedan – on Laurel Canyon Boulevard, which was temporarily shut down. His hands were up in the air and his back was turned toward the officers.

However, soon after, he stopped and started to shuffle his feet sideways. “Looks like the side-shuffle is a little bit easier for him than walking backward. If he is impaired, I mean, it would be difficult,” a Sky 9 helicopter reporter was heard saying in the clip.

After shuffling for a few seconds, the suspect began a break dance routine in full view of all the authorities present at the scene. During his little jig, he was seen twisting his legs, flailing his arms and even bending down to touch his toe. “Now he is… now he looks like he is doing a little dance there,” the reporter added, when another one interjected to say: “There you go… I don’t know if he is impaired or if he is not impaired. But that is very impressive.”

Once done with the little dance, the suspect proceeded to put his hands behind his back yet again. At one point, he also pulled his shirt over his chest to assure the police he was not armed. He was then arrested but was yet to be charged, New York Post reported.

According to NBC Los Angeles, highway patrol officers started pursuing the suspect’s car at 9:30 p.m. local time (12:30 a.m. EDT, Wednesday) and the chase eventually led them to Pacoima, San Fernando Valley. Although the suspect never drove at dangerous speeds at any point during the chase, he also never stopped his car, causing the police to perform a Pursuit Intervention Technique maneuver – a tactic by which a vehicle can force a fleeing car to abruptly turn sideways, resulting in the driver to lose control, bringing his car to a halt.

Los Angeles Police
In this representational image, an LAPD officer looks at a car in Los Angeles, April 10, 2017. David McNew/Getty Images