• The former congressman accidentally flashed a tight pair of Daisy Dukes
  • Paul joined Casey to discuss the future of personal liberty
  • He warned Americans against accepting COVID-19 vaccine passports

Former Texas representative Ron Paul on Wednesday accidentally flashed his short shorts during a Zoom interview with writer and speculator Doug Casey.

Paul accidentally showed he was wearing a tight pair of Daisy Dukes along with his dress shirt and suit jacket when he rolled his chair back at the end of a Zoom interview that was posted on YouTube. 

Paul, 85, joined Casey to discuss the future of personal liberty, former President Donald Trump and the possibility of another civil war. During the interview, the outspoken libertarian urged Americans to pursue freedom amid the current political climate. 

“The only issue that matters will be our liberties,” Paul said. 

Paul’s interview with Casey -- a self-described anarcho-capitalist influenced by novelist Ayn Rand -- came after the ex-congressman warned that the government may use COVID-19 vaccine passports to restrict freedoms and “solidify the whole idea that our lives belong to the government.”

“I am not going to put up with a passport identifier in my body. I mean that is a sacrifice,” Paul said. “I always said the military draft was a symbol of who owns our bodies and the Internal Revenue Service because they own everything and allow you how to spend it. They own liberty and now you are going to get permission to use a little bit of it. They are going to divvy it out a little bit. You'll never get back what you should have. But that is what's happening.”

“The government doesn't give us our liberty and that is what they are teaching us now. They are giving us our liberty back one piece at a time. But I can guarantee you one thing, if you think you are going to get all your liberty back by one piece at a time, it ain't going to happen. This is why we have to take a stand -- vaccine passports, that can't be allowed to go on because that makes it even worse. But the whole rest has to stop,” he added. 

President Joe Biden’s administration is currently working with multiple government agencies and technology companies to develop a vaccine passport system to serve as proof that an individual has been inoculated against COVID-19. 

At the state level, New York has issued a digital vaccine passport through IBM’s Excelsior Pass app. 

Alan and Alex Stokes have more than six million subscribers on YouTube Alan and Alex Stokes have more than six million subscribers on YouTube Photo: AFP / LIONEL BONAVENTURE