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  • SB19's Stell started a live broadcast on his TikTok page Monday
  • Justin joined Stell's TikTok Live, and they talked about first impressions
  • Stell initially thought Justin was arrogant because of his good looks

SB19's Stell revealed that when he first saw Justin, he noticed the latter's handsome visuals and thought he was arrogant and "feeling superior."

The main vocal of the Filipino boy band went live on TikTok Monday and had a random virtual chat with A'TIN – SB19 fans – about life experiences and pieces of advice.

Stell talked about different topics on his TikTok live while in their hotel room with some members of the SB19 team and his bandmate Justin.

When the topic of first impressions was brought up, Stell revealed his first impression of his younger bandmate, Justin.

Stell revealed that Justin was really handsome the first time he saw him. However, he thought Justin looked and exuded superiority because of his visuals.

"People were staring at him. He was welcomed by everyone," Stell shared in Tagalog. "He greets everyone... He had that arrogant vibe because he is handsome."

He admitted that Justin turned out to be nice and the total opposite of what he thought he was. But he joked that his bandmate cracks the corniest jokes.

"He is handsome but corny," Stell shared.

To prove his point, Stell recounted when Justin cracked a corny joke while they were eating at a fast food restaurant. Justin asked, "What fruit is scary?" Stell recalled. Justin answered in a deep voice, "Ba-na-na-na!"

He then shared another joke by Justin. "How does a baby tiger get mad at his father?" Justin revealed the answer to be, "Tay, grrr!" It is a pun on the words "Tay," the Tagalog for father, and grrr, an angry expression.

Interestingly, A'TIN has always adored Justin for his corny jokes and puns. This is why fans share many compilation videos of Justin's funny moments across social media platforms, especially YouTube.

His wit and humor are also evident in his Instagram captions, which fans find funny and mind-boggling.

In other news, Stell, Justin and their bandmates Pablo, Josh and Ken are still abroad for their international schedules.

Over the weekend, Josh appeared as a guest on the Wish USA bus for an interview and performance of his solo releases.

On Sept. 2, the entire band will join American singer-songwriter JVKE's "The End of Tour" show in Boston at the House of Blues.

The announcement came weeks after SB19 and JVKE released their collaboration — a remix version of the latter's hit single, "golden hour."

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Screenshot from SB19's "SHOWBREAK F!VE" series episode 3. YouTube/ SB19 Official