Beauty product entrepreneur and Hollywood socialite Kylie Jenner announced Tuesday that her newest item for sale flew off the shelves quicker than expected. In fact, the reality TV star sold out of her entire supply of Kyshadows in less than a minute, she tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

The Kyshadow Kit launched Tuesday at 12 noon EDT and before the clock could strike 12:01 p.m., she had no more items to offer her adoring, buying public, which clearly wanted one or all of the nine matte eyeshadows with earth tone colors.

It was immediately unclear how many were sold, but each one costs $4.60, reported. The entire Kyshadows Kit was expected to cost up to $50, U.K. news outlet Metro reported

She announced the new product last month via her website, calling it "big news."

"Surprise, I'm launching a Kyshadow palette!!! I've been working on this for months and I'm so excited to finally reveal the big news to you guys," she wrote in part.

The announcement was accompanied by a video "introducing" Kyshadows as well as an instructional video "to show you guys how I use my brand new KyShadow kit."

In addition to Kyshadows, Jenner has a robust slate of beauty products that she sells on a separate website devoted entirely to her retail operation. The other products include various lip-related items, such as matte lip kits, matte singles, glosses and metals, according to the website.

The 18-year-old star of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" on the E! network already has an estimated net worth of $10 million. With the success that Kyshadows had on its debut, Jenner is sure to add to her growing fortune. The half-sister of Kim Kardashian West used the TV show as a launching pad of sorts to create a career in popular culture that has resulted in her having more than 17 million followers on Twitter and nearly 69 million followers on Instagram.