Good Hair, a documentary starring comedian Chris Rock that discusses people's obsession to get a good hair, hits theaters Friday.

The film focuses on black Americans and also researches on the dangers of some hair treatments and digs deep into the hair business.

An amusing, poignant and surprisingly candid look at the topic with a disarming Rock coaxing answers and opinions from an eclectic cross section of African Americans, film critic Betsy Sharkey from the Los Angeles Times said in a review.

I was riveted by the on-screen interviews he [Rock] conducts with celebrities like Nia Long and Al Sharpton, as well as regular folk, to explore African-American women's very complicated relationship with their hair, critic Lou Lumenick from the New York Post said.

[Rock] conveys a lot of information, but also some unfortunate opinions and misleading facts. That doesn't mean the movie isn't warm, funny and entertaining, film critic Rogert Ebert noted.

So far the movie got 93 percent of positive reviews in, a site that collects reviews from film critics.

Watch the film's trailer below: