United States Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blows a kiss as she holds a pork chop on a stick and a lemonade at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa Aug. 15, 2015. Reuters

There have been plenty of rumors questioning presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s health during the 2016 election. While Republican candidate Donald Trump has been photographed indulging in hearty dishes from restaurants like KFC, sources close to the Democrat maintain that she follows a healthy diet.

In August, two campaign aides explained that Clinton is particular about what she eats, People reported. One aide said, “She’s very disciplined.” Another aide added, “She’s eating healthy and successfully resisting temptation.”

Walter Scheib, who worked as a chief in the White House during Bill Clinton’s term, said Hillary Clinton enjoyed veggie burgers, Slate reported. He told the publication that he “always kept Boca Burgers in the freezer." He added: "She liked them for snacking." Scheib published a cookbook called “White House Chef” where he shares some of the recipes he made while cooking during George W. Bush and Bill Clinton’s time in office.

Clinton previously stated that she owes her health to hot peppers, NPR reported. She explained that she read an article that stated hot peppers can boost the immune system. The presidential hopeful said, "I'd always liked hot food — Mexican, Indian, Thai — but I started adding hot peppers, and then I got into eating them raw, wherever they weren't really, really too hot."

She added that the peppers are "maybe ... one of the reasons I'm so healthy and I have so much stamina and endurance out there today."

Clinton is also a sucker for lamb. During Scheib’s tryout for White House chef, he made Clinton and her husband pecan-crusted lamb with morel sauce. He also served sweet potatoes with red curry paste, which the couple enjoyed.

Clinton mostly follows a diet created by Dr. Mark Hyman, who wrote a book titled, “Eat Fat, Get Thin.” The book encourages the consumption of tasteless fats like avocados, animal lard and coconut oil. Some of the recipes in the book contain duck breast, salads topped with sardines, steamed cauliflower and smoothies. In Clinton’s cookbook, “An Invitation to the White House,” she stated that she enjoyed wine ice cream, which consists of a thickener made from seaweed, frozen wine and sugar.

New York Magazine writer Rebecca Harrington reported she lost four pounds from following Clinton’s diet for eight days. Even though she appreciated dropping some weight from the strict diet, the writer came to the conclusion that she "would rather be a gladiator in Ancient Rome" than continue on with the presidential candidate's food regime.