Love Prison season 1 spoilers
What is A&E's newest reality series "Love Prison"? Get the scoop on TV's newest and wildest dating show. Photo by A&E

We’ve seen our fair share of mind-blowing dating shows from “Married at First Sight” to “Dating Naked” but now reality relationships are being taken to a whole new level on the newest A&E television show “Love Prison.” Sounds a bit ominous, right? Well, that’s because it is. There’s a reason producers didn’t dub this new original series “Love Shack.”

When “Love Prison” airs its series premiere on Monday, Sept. 8, at 10 p.m. EDT viewers can anticipate an exciting and slightly awkward episode 1. According to the press release for “Love Shack,” the reality show will document the first meetings of couples who have only ever interacted online.

“These couples have agreed to take their relationship to the next level and meet face-to-face while living in a house on a deserted island for one week,” the show’s synopsis began.

So, what’s the catch? According to reports, the duo will be forced to get to know one another when they’re stripped of their comforts, electronics and “any distraction from one another.” This includes outdoor interruptions. Apparently the couple is only allowed to spend one hour outside of their “love prison” located on Belden Island off the coast of Connecticut. And from the monkey wrench producers have thrown into the reality series were sure each individual will want to use their outside time wisely.

Love Prison season 1 spoilers
Watch the drama go down in the series premiere of "Love Prison." Photo by A&E

“Surprise interruptions keep them on their toes, and just when things may be going well, video interviews about their past reveal secrets both good and bad,” the press release explains.

Viewers will get to watch all this drama go down considering their little prison paradise is stuffed with dozens of cameras to watch their every moves. “Will their carefully crafted cyber love become all too real or will they last the week and leave the island together?” the summary concludes.

The first episode stars the couple Jeanne and Billy, a duo who seemed like a perfect match on paper -- that is, until they met in person. Watch the drama go down in the series premiere of “Love Prison” below:

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