At first, the online slot machines were only the emulations of the classic ground-based casino games that people were already used to, like the Book of Ra or Sizzling Hot. However, online casino operators quickly realized that there is a lot more left on the table and they invested a great part of their profits into developing state-of-the-art software that will keep players entertained for hours. Providers like NetEnt or Microgaming, which are worth billions by now, are no longer creating video games, but rather immersive experiences where gamblers need to interact with more than just one button.

The most revolutionary discovery in terms of software is the live casino which gives gamers the possibility to enjoy a game of Blackjack or Roulette in real-time with an actual dealer and authentic cards or Roulette wheel. This has forever changed the way we gamble since anyone can just go on their browser and start playing like they were in a ground-based casino, the main advantage is that you only need Internet access and a device to get started. Through the use of many advanced technologies, live casinos provide high-quality experiences and the feeling of playing in one of the casinos in Las Vegas.

What are the technologies that make the magic happen?

Creating an interface that links the digital world and the live-action one was a bit of a challenge for programmers, but through optical character recognition tech used by parking lots to capture your license plates and a Game Control Unit (GCU), they successfully managed to collect real-time data from the table and convert it to the images that are displayed on the player’s screen.

The GCU hardware is the main reason why the live casino is working so smoothly. This component that is the size of a shoebox is present inside all the casino tables and it constantly decodes the streaming videos. Live casino games couldn’t exist without this device present.

Whenever you thought of how a live casino works, you for sure figured out that there is some filming involved. The casino tables are equipped with at least three cameras, each focusing a different key element of the game, such as the dealer or the overall scene. The camera is the essential hardware that is responsible for transferring the image from the table to your smartphone or PC screen. However, the cameras would be obsolete if there wasn’t for the Optimal Camera Recognition (also known as OCR) technology. It is responsible for recording and streaming everything happening in the film set, such as the movements of the dealer or the card shuffling. In a nutshell, the OCR is the software than makes the difference between live casinos and the regular one, because it allows you to communicate with the live dealer in real-time.

Live casino games worth trying out

In addition to understanding all these complicated technologies, online casino owners also need to stay ahead of the competition, which as you might expect, it is fierce. Here is where providers like Evolution come into place. Companies can use their own branding assets on the gaming tables and can set the betting limits of the live casino. Additionally, to ensure top-notch security for the players, Evolution gaming is monitoring all the activity on the servers from the Mission Control Room , essentially meaning that any attempt of fraud or cheating will be solved within a matter of seconds by the operators. Some of you might be familiar with the online casino games available in their catalog, such as: Live casino Hold’Em, Live Roulette, Spider Solitaire ( click here and open the game ), Live Blackjack or Live Three Card Poker.

An interesting game you should definitely try out is Immersive Roulette. With the use of advanced filming techniques players can follow every movement of the ball and have a realistic overview of the game table in HD quality. Using the best online casino platforms has the advantage of you being able to test the latest technologies as soon as they are released. 888casino is an example of a top-tier operator that really cares about live games. Live Elite Lounge Experience is the latest live feature on the platform that is dedicated to the casino’s VIP members and is available only 12 hours a day, during which 5 Elite Blackjack and 1 Elite Roulette table are hosted.

How do operators deal with laws and regulations?

Similar to the real casinos, live casino games come with strict regulations, which are very important for good business. Institutions like Malta Gambling Authority issue licenses, through which because gamblers tend to have the fear of being scammed, and always choosing responsible operators that obey the laws. This regulation requirement applies to any online casino, and there are certain facts that the authority responsible for issuing the license need to be sure of before they can grant it to anyone. Stuff like directors that have good character and having enough cash reserves for honoring all the winnings are examples of what the gambling authorities require casinos to have in order to become regulated.

The future of live gambling is now

It is safe to say that live gambling is currently a key selling point for online casinos, as it brings together the social element of land-based casinos and the comfort of playing from anywhere through the Internet. And this is only the beginning! As you would expect, the live casinos are in continuous expansion, because new technologies are released every year. With the invention of new hardware, such as VR glasses, specialists are predicting an even greater evolution of this industry in just a few years. Some operators already offer the possibility to play VR Casino , but it won’t be long until it becomes a standard way to gamble. If you’re a Virtual Reality fan, your waiting days are almost over!

Live casino is by far the best feature of any online gambling site, and the technological developments have made it so realistic that many people are avoiding the land-based casinos in the favor of playing directly from their mobile devices. The industry is working hard on keeping everything safe by regulating the operators and monitoring all the live dealers to make sure every player gets their equal chances. Join a table and try your luck now, but remember to make sure you have all the general knowledge and legal terms before making any investment.