If Donald Trump chooses to follow through with his proposed Muslim ban, several celebrities could be forced to leave the country. Photo: Reuters

Women's access to abortion could be limited under a Donald Trump White House. While speaking in a recent “60 Minutes” interview, Trump said he would appoint pro-life judges to the nation's highest court and work toward overturning the Supreme Court's landmark decision protecting abortion rights.

“I’m pro-life,” he said in the interview that aired Sunday. "The judges will be pro-life.”

The Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision gave women the right to privacy when choosing to have an abortion. If the decision were overturned, abortion rights would be up to each state. For women who live in the states that decide against abortion, Trump implied that those women would be forced to travel to another state to have the procedure done.

“Well, they’ll perhaps have to go — they’ll have to go to another state,” he said. However, he insisted that there’s a “long way to go” before any of that happens.

During a GOP debate in February at the University of Houston, Trump said he supported limited health care options for women. "As far as Planned Parenthood is concerned, I'm pro-life," he stated. "I'm totally against abortion, having to do with Planned Parenthood. But millions and millions of women -- cervical cancer, breast cancer -- are helped by Planned Parenthood."

In a town hall the following month, Trump suggested there should be some sort of punishment for women who get abortions. "The answer is there has to be some form of punishment,” Trump said, adding it was a "very complicated position."

Roughly 7 out of 10 Americans support the Roe v. Wade decision, according to Planned Parenthood. In the U.S., abortion is considered a safe medical procedure, with a safety record of over 99 percent.

Since Trump’s victory, pro-abortion advocates have urged people to donate to Planned Parenthood, which receives federal funding for non-abortion procedures and health care. Singer Katy Perry donated $10,000 to the organization and encouraged fans via social media to do the same. "Planned Parenthood educated me on my body and my reproductive health, so that I could focus on my dreams and using my voice until I knew the timing was right for me to make a plan to have a family," the singer wrote in an Instagram post.

Trump is set to take office on Jan. 20.