fear the walking dead
"Fear the Walking Dead' could premiere as early as August 9 based off of the finales of "Humans" and "Halt and Catch Fire." AMC

UPDATE: It was announced at Comic-Con that "Fear the Walking Dead" will premiere Augsut 23.

The hype for “Fear the Walking Dead” is growing, but fans still have yet to learn the premiere date for “The Walking Dead” spinoff. Although AMC has released a handful of clips from the new series, the network is keeping a tight lid on the August 2015 date. However, zombie lovers might be able to figure out when the highly anticipated first episode will air based on previous AMC series premiere and finale dates.

AMC airs a majority of its original dramas on Sunday nights during two time slots -- 9pm and 10pm. Currently the network has its new series “Humans” on at 9 p.m., and its sophomore drama “Halt and Catch Fire” at 10 p.m. Both shows are slated to air their finales on August 2. If AMC decides not to take a week off – like it did with “The Walking Dead’s” Season 5 finale on March 29 and “Man Men’s” final season premiere on April 5 – then “Fear the Walking Dead” could potentially premiere as early as Sunday, Aug. 9.

However, the network doesn’t always follow the finale to premiere back-to-back formula. In 2014 AMC took a two week break in between “The Walking Dead” and “Mad Men.” The network also chose to take a week off from original programming this past May when the “Mad Men” series finale ended on May 17 and “Halt and Catch Fire” premiered on May 31.

But the real date to keep an eye on is the Season 6 premiere of “The Walking Dead.” Just like its spinoff, the network has yet to announce the official date, only revealing that it will return in October. Based on previous seasons it’s safe to say that new episodes will begin airing on October 11. This is based off of the premiere dates for the past few seasons – Season 5 (October 12, 2014), Season 4 (October 13, 2013) and Season 3 (October 14, 2012). Besides the series premiere (which debuted on Halloween in 2010) and Season 2 (October 16), the show has a history of premiering during the second Sunday in October. If the series maintains that then fans can expect Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the rest of the survivors to return on October 11.

In the case of the six-episode freshman season of “Fear the Walking Dead,” it’s unclear if AMC plans to air the two shows back-to-back. Based off of the networks last August premiere in 2013 – “Low Winter Sun” – the second Sunday of the month, August 16, could also be an option. This would give two weeks space between the spinoff finale and the Season 6 premiere.

Fans will hopefully be learning more about the premiere dates when “Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead” take over San Diego Comic-Con on Friday. “The Walking Dead” panel is scheduled for 12 p.m. PDT, and “Fear the Walking Dead” will follow at 1 p.m. PDT.