“Jane the Virgin” comes to an end Wednesday night, but some people haven’t even started watching the final season. Those who are waiting for The CW drama to come to Netflix can start counting down the days. It’ll release on the streaming service in August.

“Jane the Virgin” Season 5 will release on Netflix on Thursday, Aug. 8. All 19 episodes, including a retrospective special, will be included.

That’s just eight days after the series finale airs on July 31. The CW sends new seasons to Netflix about a week after they wrap up on broadcast TV. Similarly, “iZombie” Season 5 will start streaming on Netflix on Aug. 9 while “The 100” Season 6 will release on Netflix on Aug. 14.

The final season of “Jane the Virgin” deals with the return of Michael (Brett Dier). It turns out he didn’t really die, and that changes everything. Will he and Jane (Gina Rodriguez) get back together? Do marriages still count after a person was believed to be dead? How will Raphael (Justin Baldoni) react?

The final season will resolve the love triangle once and for all, and it’ll also bring back Sin Rostro/Rose (Bridget Regan). Meanwhile, Petra (Yael Grobglas) and JR (Rosario Dawson) have a few things to work out after JR shot someone for her love. Elsewhere, Rogelio (Jaime Camil) has a new show in the works while Xo (Andrea Navedo) is still dealing with her breast cancer. Let’s not forget that there is also some romance for Alba (Ivonne Coll) when her feelings for Jorge (Alfonso DiLuca) grow deeper as she helps him get a green card. Plus, the narrator’s identity is finally revealed.

There is tons of drama packed into the final 19 episodes of “Jane the Virgin,” but the show gets a definite ending. The creative team decided to wrap up the show, so they had plenty of time to design an ending that’s very satisfying. Netflix subscribers don’t have to worry about cliffhangers either. They can click next episode until the series finale closes with “The End.”

“Jane the Virgin” started on The CW in 2014. The telenovela, based on a Venezuelan TV show, earned a Peabody Award and star Gina Rodriguez received the Golden Globe for best actress in a comedy.

Jane the Virgin Netflix
"Jane the Virgin" Season 5 will release on Netflix soon. Kevin Estrada/The CW