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Following Charles Trippy’s sorrowful announcement on YouTube Tuesday that he and his wife Alli Trippy will be officially separating, the vlogging CTFxC superstar has remained a constant presence on the Internet, tweeting and uploading clips from his daily life as per usual. His wife of two years, however, has yet to make a peep since her brief tweeting session Tuesday, appearing to have completely disappeared from the very medium that brought the couple to fame over the past half-decade.

On Tuesday, Alli Trippy, 24, (née: Speed) shared her condolences with fans after Trippy announced the split on the now viral (2.7 million views and counting) video “WE NEED TO TALK...” “Sorry, guys,” Trippy posted on Twitter, followed by confirmation that Trippy’s current health issues are not the cause of their marriage’s dissolution. “It has nothing to do with his health and I will continue to support him in his fight.”

Since her public apology, Trippy, who has starred alongside her 29-year-old Web-savvy beau on their online reality series “Internet Killed Television” every day for the past five years, has remained radio silent. Despite pleas from fans to explain her sudden disappearance, as of Thursday, the social media star had yet to share her side of the breakup that shocked the CTFxC communities' 1.4 million subscribers.

“Where is Alli?" tweeted one fan Thursday, the same question that has been oft posted on social media since the separation video aired. “What is she doing? Is she talking to Charles? Who’s she with? Do [sic] much questions!” said one viewer. “@allitrippy this is really bumming me out and I would love to hear what you have to say,” posted one Twitter user Thursday. “You disappeared pretty quickly,” commented another fan.

While some viewers questioned the YouTube star about her absence, most appear to be most concerned about the duo’s well-being following their split. “@allitrippy I hope all is well, and the two of you can find your peace and happiness no matter what road it is down,” posted one self-classified longtime viewer Thursday. “@allitrippy Whenever you’re ready please show your beautiful face. We miss you so much!” said another subscriber. “@AlliTrippy when you’re ready I hope we’ll see you on YouTube,” said one Twitter user, later adding, “Take care of yourself, been where you are and I know hard it is #much love.”

So where exactly is Alli Trippy? While the YouTube star has yet to make an appearance on the CTFxC channel in recent days, she appears to merely just taking a much-needed break from online media during her marriage's transitional period, only making one brief, off-camera appearance on her longtime friend Datev’s YouTube channel LadieDottie on Wednesday in the vlog “SUPER SPECIAL SECRET GUEST ARRIVES!”

Charles Trippy last commented on the separation in the daily vlog “DREAMS ON DRUGS!” Thursday, saying, “…I know change is a huge fear for a lot of people, even myself, so I just want to so thank you for sticking with me on this because I know how scary change can be. The good news is, you guys are resilient and I definitely like to think of myself as a resilient positive person and we will get through this together.”