Tracey Matthews 600 lb Life
"My 600-Lb Life" subject Tracey Matthews, a 44-year-old grandmother, has severe swelling in her legs and cellulitis. TLC

Things weren’t easy when Tracey Matthews was a child and it let her to balloon to a weight of 605 pounds. On Wednesday’s edition of “My 600-Lb Life,” the 44-year-old grandmother allowed TLC cameras to film her journey as she tries to regain her life.

Because of her weight, Matthews developed severe lymphedema, which is also known as swelling, in her legs. She also has cellulitis, an infectious rash. To get out of bed, she had to be helped by her husband. For any chance at a shot for mobility, weight loss surgery was imperative.

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Matthews always struggled with her weight. She was 70 pounds by the age of 7. Her father was an alcoholic and her home life was tumultuous. To get away, she spent most of her time at her grandmother’s house.

“At grandma’s house, I didn’t have to deal with my dad’s drinking, or my dad and my mom fighting,” Matthews, 44, said in an exclusive clip, which was obtained by People Magazine Wednesday.

Even if she was happier, it didn’t help with her weight. “We were still living with our parents, but they were just never there. But my eating didn’t slow down, because my grandma loved to feed us, and give us any kind of sweets. So I was around 170 lbs. [at age 11],” she said.

When she would return home, the family drama was as bad as ever. Sometimes, windows would be broken and guns would be brought out. To cope, Matthews turned to food.

“When I ate, I wasn’t worrying,” she said. “So middle school, junior high, my weight got all the way up to the 200’s. And I put on another 50 pounds. by the time I was in high school. So I got to like, 270 pounds by the time I graduated.”

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Her weight only increased when she started to have children, gaining 100 pounds each pregnancy. Eventually, she soared to 605 pounds.

To see Matthews’ weight loss journey, don’t miss “My 600-Lb Life” when it airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT on TLC.

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