Chris Chalk
“Gotham” star Chris Chalk is now married to Kimberley Dalton Mitchell. Pictured: Chalk at the premiere of HBO's “The Newsroom” in Los Angeles on Nov. 4, 2014. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

“Gotham” star Chris Chalk has tied the knot with Kimberley Dalton Mitchell!

According to US Weekly, the romantic wedding ceremony took place at the North Carolina Arboretum in the actor’s hometown over the weekend. Chalk and Mitchell got engaged in September. The actor wore a white suit jacket, white button-down shirt, white bow tie and black pants. Mitchell, on the other hand, looked stunning in her white lace wedding gown.

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Following the ceremony, Chalk and Mitchell’s approximately 150 guests headed to the Grand Bohemian Hotel on board traditional yellow school buses. While speaking with the publication, Chalk and Mitchell explained why they decided to incorporate the buses to their wedding. “I think there’s something about a school bus that immediately humbles you. It’s fun,” Chalk said.

“We didn’t want people driving up the mountain after drinking champagne at the ceremony,” Mitchell added jokingly.

Meanwhile, Chalk and Mitchell, who were introduced to each other by “Underground” star Alano Miller and “She’s Gotta Have It” actress DeWanda Wise, also revealed the instructions they gave to their guests when it comes to their attire. Chalk joked, “Our actual instruction was, ‘Dress how you would dress if you knew you were going to make out with somebody that night.”

The “Gotham” actor added that after he gave those instructions, he had to call back some of their guests to explain what he meant.

Prior to their wedding ceremony, the actor, who plays the role of Lucius Fox, posted a beautiful photo of himself with Mitchell on Instagram. The actor wrote a simple but very sweet caption, saying that he’s going to marry Mitchell that day. The latter also posted a snap on the same social media site featuring cupcakes adorned with Chalk’s pictures.