• The White House has been pushing for the reopening of much of the United States comes May
  • This raised concerns among health experts due to the possibility of COVID-19 resurgence
  • Sources state the President's main concern is the sagging US economy

White House officials are pushing for the reopening of much of the country by next May. This intention has raised concerns among health experts of a possible resurgence of COVID-19 if people return to their normal routines before the virus is completely defeated.

Sources familiar with closed-door discussions say that President Trump has expressed deep concern about the sagging economy. He is said to be seeking a good strategy for resuming economic activity by May 1.

Bleak Stock Market Numbers and Unemployment

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, sources said Trump has been on the phone with some outside advisers seeking an opinion about the matter. It was also revealed by sources that he has even floated the idea of reopening much of the US before the end of April. The president is said to look at the stock market and unemployment number regularly, saying that they are creating damage to his presidency and darkening his reelection prospects. During his daily briefing Thursday, the President said that the country was at the “top of the hill.” President Trump also expressed his optimism that the country is “going to be opening up, you could call it opening, very, very, very, very soon, I hope.”

White house seeks reopening much of US by May
White house seeks reopening much of US by May Free-Photos - Pixabay

To Be Partially Eased

In recent days, several cabinet secretaries have voiced out their hopes publicly that government orders that forced non-essential businesses to be closed might be partially eased next month. The same goes for the order asking residents to stay home.

During an interview with CNBC Thursday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was asked if he thought it possible the US could be open for business in May, he said: “I do.” Earlier, Attorney General William Barr referred to stay-at-home orders, along with other restrictions, as draconian. According to reports, he suggested that there may be a need to reevaluate such orders and restrictions next month.

People Should Be Allowed To Protect Themselves

In an interview over Fox News, Barr said that by the end of April, people should be allowed to “adapt more than we have.” He also said that it is not enough to “just tell people to go home and hide under their bed.” People should be allowed to make use of other ways, such as social distancing and other methods, to protect themselves, according to Barr.