Meet Malcolm McCormick -- a 19-year-old white, Jewish rapper from the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pa.

McCormick, or Mac Miller, currently has the best-selling album of the week.

During the first week of its release, Miller's debut album Blue Slide Park has reached No. 1 on the charts with sales of 144,487 and counting, reports The New York Times.  

Miller is also breaking records. His CD is with the label Rostrum Records, an indie label based in Pittsburgh owned by a Benny Grinburg. It is independently distributed. This is the first time an independently distributed debut album has been released into the No. 1 spot in 16 years.  

How did this white Jewish rapper become so popular over night?  

Well, for starters, Miller has social media on his side.

Miller boasts more than one million Facebook friends and over 1.1 million Twitter followers. Rostrum has reported that 76 percent of album sales were digital, according to The Times.

The album's digital distributor is INgrooves, based in San Francisco. However, Miller does has some corporate involvement in all of this. The album's distributor for CDs is Fontana, which is owned by Universal Music Group, an investor in INgrooves.  

INgrooves is a key player in the digital music space. It is a digitally-focused distribution company, reports the Sacramento Bee, and a vital partner to have in today's marketplace.  

This is a big moment for the independent music community, said Dave Zierler, EVP & General Manager, INgrooves. Rostrum and Mac are proof that a digitally-focused independent effort works in today's dynamic music marketplace, by engaging fans directly and maximizing availability to all consumers via our global online retail network.

This rapper seems to have come straight out of the woodwork.

Some of his most popular songs have over 11 million hits on YouTube, including Donald Trump (which has a whopping 35 million hits), Frick Park Market, Nikes On My Feet and Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza.

Regardless of how these titles may sound, Miller is a serious musician who can play instruments, according to ShowBiz411.

Some professionals in the game are already nodding his way, commending Miller for his sky-rocketing success.

Raekwon, rapper from the Wu-Tang Clan, tweeted his kudos to Miller: Gotta respect that kid Mac miller's hustle, he did incredible numbers independently! #Salute.

Currently behind Miller on the charts are Michael Buble, Justin Bieber, and Adele.

He certainly deserves some street cred for that.