Alex from Vine became the latest Twitter celebrity on Tuesday, just days after Alex From Target became a household name. Vine

Alex from Vine is the new Alex from Target. To those who don't follow Twitter trends, this may be an odd sentiment, but to those in the know, #AlexFromTarget is done, and the social media site has moved on to #AlexFromVine.

The Alex in #AlexFromVine is from Atlanta and named Alex Ramos, according to his Twitter profile. His claim to fame: being a mega-popular user of the video-based social media website Vine who goes by the handle @sorryimalex there and on Twitter.

Unlike Alex From Target, Alex From Vine was popular long before he found himself the No. 1 nationwide trending topic on Twitter Tuesday evening. He has more than 277,000 Twitter followers, and more than 768,000 followers on Vine.

He is instantly recognizable among his mostly teenage fans by his mop of dark brown hair, his trademark style and his often juvenile sense of humor:

"Who Is Alex" and the hashtag #AlexFromTarget became top trending topics nationwide Sunday, after a tweeted photo of a handsome teenage Target employee went ultra-viral. The last name of the popular youth, whose Twitter account is @acl163, has not been revealed, but there were more than 46,000 mentions of #AlexFromTarget in the first 24 hours after he started trending, according to data from Brandwatch. He was even contacted by Ellen Degeneres on Twitter, in just the latest example of how quickly the Internet can make someone famous.

Even Alex From Vine appears to have become acquainted with his predecessor, as he made fun of him in the video below, called, creatively "Alex from Target":