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Instagram model Ashley Martelle, pictured with boyfriend Irv Gotti June 24, 2016, issused a statement after her Snapchat account was hacked. It lead to a NSFW video being leaked. Getty Images

It wasn’t a mistake: Ashley Martelle’s Snapchat account and iCloud was hacked. The Instagram model posted an update to her account where she explained what happened. If things couldn’t be worse, the many shown in the video isn’t her current boyfriend, music mogul Irv Gotti. It’s an ex, who she didn’t identify by name.

After being private for a short time, Martelle re-opened her page to the public to release a statement on the controversy. “Everyone makes mistakes and I’m working on fixing things and making everything right,” she wrote. “It was an old video and I hope everyone can move on from this.”

Martelle might take a hiatus from social media. “The last time I was hacked they were trying to get people to send them money,” she said. “I’m reconsidering all my social media accounts because of this and it’s just not worth it.”

Her account was first hacked June 26. It happened again July 20. Finally, the personal video leaked when she was hacked Monday. “Last night an old video of me what put out into the world and I can’t tell you how embarrassed I am. In over a period of time I’ve been dealing with hacking with my Snapchat and email,” she wrote. “I haven’t slept all night trying to clear things up with Snap on how to get my account back and also my iCloud.”

At the end, she mentioned her relationship with the music mogul. “That video was not meant for the public, but for only me and my ex, which is causing conflict with my current relationship with Irv,” Martelle wrote.

The 21-year-old is a member of the escort group Taz’s Angels. Even though she currently resides in Miami, she is originally from Louisiana. She and Gotti regularly post about each other on social media. The music star hasn’t responded to the controversy.

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