Chef Jose Andres
Chef Jose Andres received a honorary doctorate degree in public service in May 2014 Getty Images

Celebrity chef Jose Andres claimed Saturday that he was banned from an after-party in Washington, D.C., because of Ivanka Trump.

Andres was a guest at the annual Alfalfa Club reception Saturday night. He claimed he was not allowed entrance into the after-party at Cafe Milano. Andres initially said that Trump was to blame. He took to Twitter and called out Franco Nusches, the owner of the Georgetown restaurant.

"Thank you @CafeMilanoDC Franco Nuschese! I was a guest of the #alfalfaclubdinner2018 'everyone' welcome to the after party, but I’m the only individual not allow in? Is because @IvankaTrump told you so? You should be ashamed of yourself Franco," Andres said regarding the owner.

But on Sunday afternoon, the problem appeared to be cleared up based on a pair tweets by Andres.

In 2015, the celebrity chef was scheduled to open a restaurant at the Trump International Hotel but backed out after President Trump made controversial comments about Mexican immigrants. The Trump Organization sued for breach of contract, which settled in court April 2017.

Andres, 48, was born in Spain and claimed U.S. citizenship in December 2013. He owns multiple restaurants in cities including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Washington, D.C., and has appeared on several cooking shows like "Iron Chef America" and "The Taste."

After Hurricane Maria ravished Puerto Rico in September 2017 leaving many without food and other necessities, Andres arrived and helped provide food. He created a system of volunteers cooking and distributing food across the island.

"We didn’t plan, we didn’t meet, we began cooking and began delivering food to the people in need in Puerto Rico," Andres told CBS’ “60 Minutes. "We need to make sure that next time, we are not negotiating contracts, and the federal government is ready to do what they’re supposed to do, next time something like this happens."

In 2016, he was a recipient of the National Humanities Medal.