Get ready to binge: Netflix is gearing up to drop “The Keepers,” a new true crime docu-series about the murder of a 26-year-old nun, the streaming service announced Monday. Sister Cathy Cesnik was found brutally murdered in 1969 in an attack that was supposedly covered up by the Catholic Church. The case has been unsolved since the 1970s.

Fittingly, the tag lines for the new show is: “Who killed Sister Cathy?”

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Netflix described the new series in the following way:  “From director Ryan White comes ‘The Keepers,’ a riveting seven-part documentary series about the unsolved murder of a Baltimore nun and the horrific secrets and pain that linger nearly five decades after her death.”

Sister Cathy’s body was discovered on top of a garbage dump — with her skull caved in — months after she went missing, according to The Baltimore Sun.

The story was brought to the forefront in the 1990s after an anonymous woman, who was a former English student of Sister Cathy at Archbishop Keough High School, claimed she was sexually abused by the Catholic high school’s priest. The chaplain was a murder suspect at one point during the investigation.

The woman, referred to as “Jane Doe,” said she was taken to Sister Cathy’s body and told, “See what happens when you say bad things about people.”

The documentary includes interviews from journalists, government officials and dozens of Sister Cathy’s friends and relatives. They all want one thing: To find out what happened to the young nun.

As White tries to put the puzzle pieces together, uncovering possible clergy abuse and repressed memoires, he said, loosely, according to Indie Wire: At best the ball was dropped on the case 45 years ago — at worst, it was covered up.

No one was charged in the murder of Sister Cathy.

Don’t miss “The Keepers,” a seven-episode series, when it’s ready to stream May 19 on Netflix.

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