Taylor Swift
After Taylor Swift, photographed during the BMI awards in Beverly Hills, California, on May 10, 2016, used his name as a pseudonym to produce music with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, Nils Sjoberg was bombarded by Swifties. Getty Images

It’s not easy sharing a name with someone as famous as Taylor Swift — but what happens when a pop star uses the birth name of an average joe as their alter ego? A man by the name of Nils Sjoberg found out on Wednesday.

The Swedish native received an outpouring of comments from fans of the “Out of the Woods” singer — dubbed Swifties — after news broke that she had apparently used his name instead of her own to receive credit for writing ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris’ recent single, “This is What You Came For.” According to Page Six, the real Sjoberg is a communications manager for a hotel and conference center in his hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. For fun he runs a Tumblr page called NilsFirstWorldProblems, on which users of the popular social media site submit examples of mundane daily problems for him to illustrate. Several weeks ago, on June 6 — long before it became public that Swift, 26, had been using his name to secretly produce music — Sjoberg submitted and illustrated his own first world problem about sharing a name with the award winning musician. He has since created another, which is making its rounds on the internet. Sjoberg did not take sides in the battle between Swift and Harris, but rather said the two “made an awesome song.” As for Swift using his name, the 32-year-old finds it rather comical.

“I haven’t been contacted by Taylor’s reps, and that’s totally OK,” Sjoberg said. “There are a couple of us here in Sweden with this name, even though I haven’t met any in person yet.”’

On Wednesday Swift’s team confirmed reports claiming that the Pennsylvania native had penned the lyrics for Harris’ “This is What You Came For” prior to their breakup. Earlier that same day TMZ reported that Swift sent Harris, 34, a demo of the song, which he loved, but both agreed it would be best that they find someone else to do the female vocals to avoid allowing their relationship to outshine the song. Not long after Swift came clean about having written the song, Harris jumped on Twitter to give his 7.91 million followers his two cents. He bashed Swift, claiming she was trying to tear him down and comparing their feud to the 2012 one between her and Katy Perry. He suggested that she was being petty and should instead focus her energy on her new relationship. Swift did not respond.

The pop princess and Swedish DJ dated for more than one year, ending in March. The reason for their breakup remains unclear, though it has been said that cheating definitely did not play a role. Shortly after their split Harris took to Twitter to address it, claiming that the love they shared while dating lived on after their breakup. Meanwhile Swift began dating “Thor” actor Tom Hiddleston. Since June the pair have been spotted together numerous times. They are often affectionate and their relationship — which some doubt is real — is said to be moving along rapidly. Hiddleswift, the ship name given to them by fans, have already jetted off together on a foreign vacation and are said to have introduced one another to their respective parents. Harris is not believed to be dating anyone at this time. In fact, it has been reported that he is struggling to cope with the public nature of Swift and Hiddleston’s relationship.