caitlyn jenner
Caitlyn Jenner called the Trump administration decision to rescind bathroom protections for transgender students "a disaster" and urged the president to call for guidance. Above, Jenner Life is Good event in Los Angeles, Jan. 7, 2017. Rich Polk/Getty Images

Actor Caitlyn Jenner does not regret her decision of voting for Donald Trump as the President of the United States, she said in a conversation with CNN’s Don Lemon on Tuesday.

She claims to be a Republican despite the staunch and orthodox stand of the party against the LGBT community. Jenner told CNN that she believes that Trump is the man the U.S. needs right now as his out of the box ideas are what "we need to turn this country around."

"To, you know, to have career politicians constantly, the Clintons, the Bushes, run this country. We need to get outside that box and shake things up again," she said.

Jenner claimed that Trump was a champion of women’s and LGBT rights when he said that people should be able to use “whatever bathroom they feel is appropriate.”

However, Trump went on to dissolve the guidance put forward by former President Barack Obama’s administration against discrimination of LGBT students in public schools.

"As far as LGBT issues, yes, he's made some mistakes," she said. "I don't support him in everything that he does. But we needed to shake the system up," added the former U.S. Olympian. As a fellow Republican, she urged President Trump to fix the disastrous decision.

"I'm not perfect. I've made mistakes with a lot of things over the last two years. But I've tried to learn from those mistakes, I try to a better job next time," she said in her conversation with CNN.

Jenner had revealed that she had “the soul of a female” almost two years ago in her interview with Diane Sawyer of ABC. Two months later she appeared on the covers of Vanity Fair with her new look, marking the moment as a milestone for the LGBT community. She revealed the ordeal of the past two years in her chronicle, "The Secrets of My Life."