Meghan Markle's next royal engagement with Queen Elizabeth II is very important.

Prince Harry's fiancée is set to join the queen at the Commonwealth Services at Westminster Abbey on March 12, to mark the Commonwealth Day celebration. The upcoming event is very important as Commonwealth service is the largest annual inter-faith gathering in the United Kingdom, People reported.

It is Markle's first joint engagement with the monarch. Being at Queen Elizabeth II's side at such a high-profile event tells its significance. Markle has already made several public appearances with Prince Harry. She also shared the stage with Prince William and Kate Middleton once, which only shows how quickly she is being acclimatized to the family and its public roles.

It can be remembered that Middleton never appeared on any royal engagement, more so, with the queen before she married Prince William. However, it is believed that Markle is much used to in the public than Middleton that's why she has already started making appearances on stage as a future member of the royal family.

"Meghan's training as an actress allows for the kind of self-confidence that took Kate a few years to build up," royal expert Kelly Lynch told Daily Express. "Mind you, Kate never willingly sought out the spotlight; she just happened to fall in love with a public figure. Meghan, on the other hand, grew up in Hollywood (her dad was a cinematographer) and works in an industry where your job is to stand out."

Aside from Markle, her future father-in-law, Prince Charles will be attending the Commonwealth Day service too. It will also be the fab four's reunion as aside from the "Suits" star and Prince Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be there too.

Prince William, Middleton, Prince Harry and Markle will meet the school children behind the Abbey before they attend the reception. Prince Harry and Markle are expected to have a significant role in the Commonwealth.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Markle and Prince Harry made their first royal engagement together at the first annual Royal Foundation forum where the actress spoke about women empowerment. However, Rachel Johnson thinks that the "Horrible Bosses" star is already out of tune in the fab four. According to the British editor and journalist, they do not want people who are as outspoken as Markle.

"Wow. I'm all for women being empowered and using their voices and people (ie men) 'hearing' them. But this was risky on a couple of fronts," Johnson wrote. "Over here, we secretly don't like women who speak out too loudly and often (I should know), let alone women who order other women to speak out and men to listen."