After a short-lived run, Sony is offering anyone that purchased "Cyberpunk 2077" from its PlayStation Store a full refund. This move comes as performance issues have plagued the game following its Dec. 10 release.

Sony issued a statement on Twitter, saying, “SIE strives to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, and we will begin to offer a full refund for all gamers who have purchased 'Cyberpunk 2077' via PlayStation Store and want a refund.”

To receive a refund for "Cyberpunk 2077," gamers are encouraged to visit this website where they can log into their PlayStation account and begin the process to receive a refund.

Sony said that once it has confirmed that a user has purchased the game from the PlayStation Store, it will begin processing the return. Though, the company did warn that “completion of the refund may vary” based on the method and financial institution used.

Late Thursday, Sony updated customers on the refund process by reporting that it was “aware some users are experiencing issues” accessing the form.

Shortly after Sony's launch of "Cyberpunk 2077," gamers began noting numerous bugs within the game. Some have seen it routinely crash and offer distracting visual glitches, The Verge reported. There were also reports of poor performance, low framerate, and texture pop-in, according to Eurogamer.

Sony has now removed "Cyberpunk 2077" from the PlayStation Store until further notice. Physical and digital copies of the game are still available and will continue to receive support and updates, the developer of "Cyberpunk 2077," CD Projekt Red, said.

In a Dec. 14 announcement, prior to Sony pulling the game, CD Projekt Red said the next update for the game was expected to arrive “within the next 7 days,” followed by two patches, one in January and February.

“Together these should fix the most prominent problems gamers are facing on last-gen consoles,” it added.

At the time of writing, it was unclear if Sony has plans to rerelease "Cyberpunk 2077" back to the PlayStation Store.

A "Cyberpunk 2077" promo picture. Steam