Netflix’s “The I-Land” premiered Thursday, but there are plenty of fans who binge-watched in one weekend. They probably all want to know the same thing: is Season 2 coming?

The answer to that isn’t quite clear, but it seems unlikely. “The I-Land” hasn’t been renewed or canceled. However, it is billed as a “limited series.” That means that Netflix intended it to be a standalone story finished in one season.

“The I-Land” won’t get a cancellation announcement because Netflix can’t cancel something that was always planned to end. However, if “The I-Land” is popular, it wouldn’t be surprising if Netflix renewed it for a second season. Even though the Season 1 story is over, the writers could come up with ways to extend it. Even if they don’t follow the same characters, they could turn it into an anthology series and reveal a new group of prisoners.

Netflix France, however, makes it pretty clear that Season 2 isn’t planned right now. The French account told a fan that there would not be a continuation.

Reviews certainly aren’t helping. The show has largely been panned, with many criticizing it as a “Lost” ripoff.

“The I-Land” is not a real island but instead a simulation for criminals. The inmates signed up for this rather than death row, which is supposed to prove they are no longer a threat to the public. However, they don’t wake up remembering their lives.

When they arrive on what they think is a deserted island, they must fight to survive. However, the simulation has real consequences. If they die, they’ll be dead in real life too.

If Season 2 somehow miraculously gets ordered, Brody (Alex Pettyfer), Hayden (Michelle Veintimilla), Mason (Gilles Geary), Donovan (Anthony Lee Medina) and Moses (Kyle Schmid) are unlikely to be seen again. However, with Chase (Natalie Martinez) off the island and Cooper (Ronald Peet) and KC (Kate Bosworth) left behind, there are still plenty of stories that could be explored.

The I-Land canceled or renewed
"The I-Land" is unlikely to be renewed for Season 2. Netflix