A woman suffered serious burns to her face and neck after two people assaulted her and poured boiling soup on her at a karaoke lounge in Taiwan.

The incident took place at a restaurant in the Xitun District of Taichung City on Friday. A video of the brawl went viral on social media, showing two women, identified as Sun, 29, and Chen, 26, violently grappling with each other at an entertainment venue.

Seconds later, a man joined the fight and started pulling the hair of Sun. She was seen engaged in a tussle with Chen on the floor, as per Next Shark.

The man then hit Sun and repeatedly kicked her head as she fell to the ground. The dispute intensified as Chen broke free from Sun's hold, took a hot pot of soup and poured it on Sun's head. It burned her face and neck. The male attacker then put the empty vessel on the woman's head as she screamed. Amid this, Chen continued to throw more blows at Sun.

Police said the fight began following an altercation related to a personal debt, amounting to NT$20,000 ($652), which Sun allegedly refused to pay. She also raised her voice at Chen and became aggressive, which turned into a catfight.

Three people were arrested, including Chen, the man who filmed the incident and the man who attacked Sun, who was identified as Chen's brother, on charges of aggravated harm and obstruction of freedom. They were later released on bail.

Sun was taken to a hospital for treatment. Another video showed Sun standing outside the lounge, surrounded by police. She had blisters on her face.

Sun and Chen were reportedly friends before their relationship turned sour due to financial issues. They had decided to meet at the karaoke lounge to resolve their disagreement, which however, intensified into a brawl. Chen was believed to be pregnant, which prompted her brother to intervene in the fight, reported AsiaOne.

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