• A content creator said her 'headlights' were always on even when she is seated next to a heater
  • Other women took to the comments section to say they too had been experiencing 'headlights'
  • The Pfizer jab was also associated with side effects that caused swollen breasts and lymph nodes 

A woman from Australia said she began experiencing “awkward” side effects such as permanent “headlights” after she received two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Tee Jay, a content creator based in Melbourne, Australia, who runs Instagram and TikTok account wippa_snippa, on Sunday said her body is always on “high beams” after she received the jab. She added that the side effect still happens even when she was seated next to a heater.

The terms “headlight” and “high beams” are euphemisms often used to refer to prominent nipples, which commonly happen during the cold weather season.

Tee Jay said she was first made aware of the side effects after she received several messages from people who viewed her social media posts.

“So everyone’s been pointing out to me that in all my videos you can see my headlights. I’ve worked out that I had the double vaccination and I had Pfizer, and ever since then my headlights have been on,” she said in a video posted on TikTok, adding that the side effect made it “awkward” for her to do regular daily tasks.

In the comments section of her video, many other women also claimed they too experienced “headlights” after receiving their Pfizer jab.

“OMG yes this has happened to me too,” one woman wrote in the comment section.

“OMG this makes so much more sense. I thought it was because I was breastfeeding but it never happened five years ago when I fed my first. MIND BLOWN,” another woman said.

“Headlights” and “high beams” are not the only breast-related side effect believed to have been caused by the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine shots.

Last year, many women who have had the Pfizer vaccine shots said their breasts have grown bigger since receiving the jab. Some also noticed their lymph nodes had swollen following the jab. The side effect was later dubbed the “Pfizer boob job.”

The side effect led to an influx of vaccinated women booking mammogram appointments. Health experts said many women were confusing swollen lymph nodes for signs of breast cancer.

It is unclear how long the swelling in some lymph nodes lasts. However, health experts say the effect is only “temporary.”

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was the first Covid shot to be authorized in the West, in December 2020
The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was the first Covid shot to be authorized in the West, in December 2020 GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA via AFP / Cindy Ord