A Missouri woman claimed she has been having daily encounters with aliens ever since she first spotted a UFO after the onset of the pandemic.

Lily Nova, 29, said she took up astrophotography while engulfed in boredom when the country went into lockdown. Her newfound “passion” led to her having her first UFO-sighting towards the end of the year 2020.

“My first encounter with aliens and UFOs was very intense,” Nova said, as quoted by LADbible. "I went outside for some fresh air one night and I immediately locked eyes with bright light hovering over the neighborhood. I started investigating and realized it was a UFO. Seconds later I looked away briefly and when I looked back there was a second craft that was much closer.”

The St. Louis resident claimed she could see the “triangular shape” of the spacecraft.

“The UFOs did some impressive maneuvers to show me that it wasn't a regular aircraft before they disappeared above me,” she continued.

The former nutritionist, who abandoned her career to pursue her passion of “finding out more about UFOs and aliens,” said she was “spooked” during the first sighting because she hadn’t thought much about aliens before.

“It was a total reality shifting experience,” she said, according to the outlet. “ A couple of months later I had my second encounter. After that, it kept happening more frequently and now I am having experiences daily.”

Not only has Nova claimed to have spotted mysterious flying objects, but also said she was able to see what the extraterrestrial beings look like.

“One of the first beings I saw was a girl with light blue skin," Nova was quoted saying. "She had no hair, but she was very beautiful. She was wearing a skin-tight grey suit and I saw her shipmates standing behind her in the same uniform. I have also seen another group of beings with light blonde hair, fair and glowing skin and bright blue eyes.”

Nova said she believes the aliens send her images of themselves through telepathy. “I believe they’re eаsing me into аn introduction becаuse hаving аn аlien wаlk up to you would be а terrifying experience for аny humаn,” Nova said, as quoted by Techno Trenz.

The woman credits her open-mindedness as the reason why aliens have chosen to appear to her.

"I believe that they come to me because I believe in them, I am open-minded and I am welcoming towards them,” she claimed, as quoted by LADbible.

The woman also said her sixth sense and intuition help her figure out when the aliens might appear next.

“Since the shock wore off, I just feel joy, love and peace,” Nova was quoted saying. “They are such beautiful and positive experiences, sometimes I even ball my eyes out crying while it's happening.”

Representative image Credit: Pixabay