A woman has claimed that she was brutally dumped months after donating a kidney to save her dying boyfriend. The Tiktoker, Colleen Le, shared a series of videos explaining her ordeal, and they have gone viral on social media.

Le who has more than 11.6 K followers for her account colleeeniie describes herself as: "Just a girl living a normal life with 1 kidney." She reportedly went under the knife six years ago to save her boyfriend, who was struggling with kidney disease.

Seven months after the surgery, he cheated on Le, she said. However, Le gave him a second chance, only to be brutally dumped by him three months later, she said in her videos, as reported by news outlet Joe.

Le's boyfriend has been reportedly struggling with a chronic condition that had reduced the functioning of his kidneys to just 5 percent of their average capacity. When his condition deteriorated and had to undergo dialysis, Le decided to test if she could donate him her kidney. "I decided to get tested to see if we were a match because I didn’t want to watch him die," she said.

The test results matched, and the surgeries were successful. Both of them made a full recovery, but their relationship took a turn seven months later when Le realized that the guy cheated on her during a bachelor party in Las Vegas.

"A lot of arguments later, I eventually forgave him and gave him a second chance," Le said. However, the guy reportedly dumped her three months later over the phone. He blocked her on "every social media" and stopped answering her calls and texts for months.

"If we are meant for each other, God will bring us back together in the end," Le claims her boyfriend told her while ending their relationship. She accuses her boyfriend of being ungrateful and claims he even told her that she donated her kidney "to look good.”

Meanwhile, several viewers have come in support of Le and appreciated her for her kind heart. "You have The biggest heart and he didn’t see it," a viewer said while another added that it was "His loss," NY Post reported.

"You literally sacrificed your life for someone. You are a beautiful soul!" a viewer appreciated.

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