A tattoo artist who attended a Metallica concert in Brazil walked out of the gig with a newborn baby.

Joice M. Figueiró was 39 weeks pregnant when she went to the concert Saturday. She said she bought tickets for the show three years back and never imagined she would have contractions while Metallica’s thrash metal would blare through the speakers.

Figueiró went to the show and was sitting in the accessible seating section at the Couto Pereira stadium, located in the country’s southern state of Parana, according to Sky News. She said things were going fine as opening acts Ego Kill Talent and Greta Van Fleet took the stage. However, Figueiró started having contractions after Metallica’s set began.

Her water broke on the way to the outpatient clinic at the venue, and it was clear she wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time.

As the world-famous band played one of their biggest hits, "Enter Sandman," Figueiró’s baby boy was “born right there” in the stadium, the mother wrote on Instagram.

Her baby, Luan Figueiró, was born “shaking all the metal structures” at 11:15 p.m., the mother shared. "The whole day was very crazy," she wrote on social media.

The mother joked and said her little one would be named James Ulrich as a nod to the band’s frontman, James Hetfield, and drummer, Lars Ulrich.

Following the birth, Metallica also posted an Instagram story to share the good news of baby Luan’s arrival.

Figueiró said she has "outdone" herself this time by giving birth at the concert with just three songs left for the show to end.

“At every show I go to, something has to happen, but this time I think I’ve outdone myself,” she said on social media, according to Consequence. “I bought this ticket three years ago and I never imagined something like this would happen.”

The mother received several messages from well-wishers about Luan’s unusual entry into this world.

"I'm great physically and trying to understand how this happened," she wrote, according to Sky News. "Thank you for everyone's love and concern."

Another incident of an unusual birth took place last year inside a plane.

The IndiGo flight traveling from Delhi to Bengaluru in India was mid-air when a woman went into premature labor. A gynecologist onboard assisted the woman and helped safely deliver the baby boy.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / Activedia