Samantha Di Maiolo lost an incredible amount of weight and went from being 294 lbs to 168 lbs.

33-year-old Di Maiolo of Southampton often lied about being pregnant to strangers to hide her obesity. She said she no longer feels ashamed after her inspiring weight loss.

She had been overweight throughout her teens and was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in 2003. Her weight began to increase as she grew older because of her careless eating habits.

After her future-husband, Alex, met with an accident, Di Maiolo decided to stay at home and care for him. She would snack non-stop on sweets and crisps during that period without paying attention to the rapid weight gain.

Her tummy grew bigger leading people to believe she was pregnant.

"How long have you got to go?" Di Maiolo recalled, a supermarket cashier commenting. She became withdrawn over time to avoid undesirable questions.

Her road to pregnancy after marriage was a difficult one because of her weight. She finally got pregnant with Marco, her first child, five years into her marriage.

"It was a relief to no longer have to lie and pretend I was pregnant," Di Maiolo said. "For the first time, I didn’t flinch when strangers mentioned my bump."

She was soon diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Di Maiolo gave birth to her second son, Leo, two years later, and continued gaining weight. She started to feel embarrassed when people would congratulate on her "third pregnancy" but only Di Maiolo knew the truth.

That's when Di Maiolo learned about the Cambridge Weight Plan on Facebook and decided to give it a go. She signed up for the same weight loss plan as one of the reviewers and replaced her old diet with a healthier one. The plan worked wonders and Maiolo lost 126lbs in just a year.

Di Maiolo now works as a weight-loss consultant to help others on their journey.

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