A woman has listed her husband "for sale" on an auction site after he left her alone with their two children to go on an impromptu fishing trip.

Linda McAlister took to the Trade Me website and listed her husband to be auctioned off as a joke, LADbible reported. She noted in the listing that her 37-year-old spouse, John McAlister, is 6 feet 1 inch tall and works as a beef farmer.

The couple lives in New Zealand with their two sons, Colt and Ryder. Though John had no other "owners" in the past, Linda said he will stay loyal as long as he's fed and watered.

"I feel obligated to warn potential buyers overhydration may lead to some unsavory consequences … videos available on request," Linda said in her ad.

She also disclosed that John "still needs some house training," adding, "I have neither the time nor the patience at the moment."

When people asked if her husband has "any vices," Linda responded by saying, "Extremely fond of lengthy pasture and or weather conversations; generally of a Friday evening, involving a sturdy focus on hydration.

As for issues, Linda said John "suffers from socks-on-the-floor-itus," which she reportedly found to be "contagious to younger models and unfortunately reoccurring."

The post attracted 12 bids, with the bidding amount climbing up to roughly $66. Some bidders even offered their own spouses in exchange for Linda's.

The ad was later taken down by the website for breaching its terms and conditions.

"While we love seeing Kiwis having fun, ultimately our priority is ensuring all of our members have a great experience onsite," Trade Me policy and compliance manager James Ryan said, as per Times Now News.

Speaking to Stuff, Linda said it has been challenging to keep the kids entertained while John goes out to work. She also shared that she thought of putting up the ad after John went on an impromptu fishing trip.

"As he is a shootin', and fishin' sort of fellow it's not unusual behavior, but with kids on school holidays and bedtimes slipping later and later, they are all driving me wild," she told the outlet.

The couple got married in Ireland — Linda's homeland — in 2019 and moved to New Zealand about a year ago. John is part Irish, owing to his father's side.

"We had nothing in common except my heritage," Linda said further.

Meanwhile, John said he heard about the listing from his friends after it was put up on Trade Me.

"He was sure he would fetch a pretty penny..." Linda told the outlet before John quipped, "I'm just laughing at the whole thing."

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