A woman in Arkansas has died after she was stabbed by her husband while she was on a call with a 911 dispatcher.

Amy Joiner, 39, dialed 911 on the evening of April 16. She was reportedly calm while speaking to the dispatcher. The woman said her husband, Marcus Joiner, "was intoxicated on alcohol and was 'being aggressive,'" police said Tuesday, KFSM Channel 5 reported. The stabbing incident took place outside the couple's Fayetteville residence.

She suddenly started screaming for help before she stopped responding to the 911 dispatcher.

"You wanted it like this," the dispatcher heard a male voice saying in the background.

A neighbor had also called 911 to report someone being stabbed outside, officers said.

An officer reached the neighborhood within seconds and found the slain woman in the street outside her home on Thornhill Drive. A pool of blood surrounded Amy's body and her phone was lying next to her.

The officer could still reportedly hear the 911 operator on the other side of the line.

The preliminary report said Amy "had a knife protruding from her neck" and that she was not breathing when officers found her. She was "beyond life-saving measures," the report added.

Officers also found Marcus at the scene wearing jeans and no shirt. He was "refusing officer's demands" at first and walked inside his home.

Marcus came outside shortly afterward and surrendered to the police. He had a significant amount of blood on his pants and on the bottoms of his feet.

The husband also had a "puncture wound on the left side of his chest" and was taken to the hospital. His hands had cuts and his right hand was swollen, according to Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Officers said they did not notice the wound on Marcus' chest when he walked inside the house. The house was searched and nobody else was found inside.

The accused was arrested Monday for allegedly stabbing his wife to death. He was charged with capital murder.

Police lights
Representation. Lights of a police car. MagnusGuenther/Pixabay