A woman in Thailand barely stepped out of her house for a year after a trip to the tattoo artist left her with four eyebrows. On witnessing the woman's ordeal, another tattoo artist offered to correct the botched cosmetic tattoo for free.

Nipapron Meeking, 32, said her friends encouraged her to get a tattooed eyebrow ahead of a trip they had planned together, Times Now reported Tuesday.

"I remember planning a trip with my friends and wanting new eyebrows to look pretty," Meeking said, as quoted by Oddity Central. "A friend suggested a shop for me."

Meeking said she visited a budged beauty clinic in the Rayong province of eastern Thailand and hoped to walk out with a thick, well-pronounced pair of eyebrows. But what she got was far from what she expected.

The fake eyebrows, although thick and well-pronounced, were placed right above her natural brows, leaving Meeking flabbergasted when she looked into the mirror and saw four eyebrows.

"After the procedure, I looked in the mirror and was speechless," Meeking added.

The woman had to pay about $41 (1,500 baht) for the two extra dark arches that she did not want. But that was not the end of Meeking's ordeal.

The clinic had promised Meeking that they would erase the fake brows. However, the budget clinic shut shop out of the blue the very next day. Meeking tried to get in touch with the owners but to no avail.

"I also went to different artists but they could not fix it," Meeking noted.

紋眉師很有problem!泰国中部罗勇一名女子Nipapron Meeking特地在出遊前霧眉,想著漂漂亮亮去玩,孰料睜開眼竟發現變成4道眉毛!頂著4道眉毛,她長達一年不敢出門。由于纹眉时麻醉剂的药效让她睡著,因此整個過程一無所知,直到醒來時才當場傻眼,纹好的两道眉毛竟然整个在自己原生眉毛的正上方!店家一开始也承诺会帮忙复原,孰料隔天開始一直处于关门状态,联络负责人也没有回应。...

Humiliated by what she saw in the mirror, Meeking mostly remained at home for about a year until another tattoo artist, Pattawee Phumkasem, 32, heard about her plight.

Phumkasem reached out to Meeking after coming across her story online and offered his services to erase the botched eyebrows at no cost.

"After seeing Nipapron's condition, I knew I had to help her. It normally costs 15,000 Thai baht [approximately $410] but I'm willing to do it for free," Pattawee said, as quoted by NextShark.

After several sittings with Phumkasem, Meeking was finally able to reach a point where she could step out in public without feeling ashamed. Traces of the fake brows are still visible on her forehead, but not as pronounced as it was before.

Phumkasem said the entire procedure of having the old tattoo removed and then tattooing the new brows would take three months.

"I had a terrible time living with four eyebrows on my forehead, but luckily I found this new tattoo artist," Meeking was quoted as saying. "With this new artist, I can finally live a normal life."

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