World's largest gold nugget was found in Russia recently. The nugget, which was found in Russia's Irkindan gold deposit located in the Khabarovsk region, weighs 7 kg 655 and is of 914th pureness without admixtures.

Sources say that the nugget, which resembles a boxing glove, will soon become a part of Russia's largest gold and precious stones museum, the Diamond Fund.

The nugget was found by Alexander Starovoytov from the association of gold-miners Vostok. Washing out a piece of soil, he noticed something that was shining like gold. It really turned out to be a large piece of gold, reported the Voice of Russia.

This nugget is believed to be the largest piece of pure natural gold found till date. The last biggest gold nugget was found in California which weighed 3.1 kg and was sold for $400,000.

Russia's Diamond Fund has many gold pieces and other precious stones in its collection. The most amazing gold piece of the museum is the Big Triangle. The Big Triangle is not known for its weight or pureness, but its natural shape that resembles a demon's face.