It's not you, it's me.

I need more space.

Incredibly elaborate lies.

Relationships can end for several reasons, and for a few lonely souls, those reasons can become tiresome after being dumped time and time again. So what's a heartbroken single to do after being emotionally battered on so many occasions?

WotWentWrong, a new social media company, helps people learn more about why their relationships ended. The company explains exactly how the service works in a detailed two-minute animated video.

The fictional character Sally heads out to on a few dates and has a really great time with him, but he stopped calling her. Later, Sally goes out with Mark, and they seem to have a good connection--but it happened again!--Sally gets dumped.

In order to figure out exactly why they lost interest, Sally sends a request to her ex-boyfriends asking them to verbalize what went wrong. They do this through pre-written options on the WotWentWrong website and have the ability to add notes.

WotWentWrong emphasizes that provides a socially acceptable way to learn more about why you've been dumped, learn from it and move on. The sad truth is that the only real difference WotWentWrong provides from emailing is canned answers.

The problem with WotWentWrong is that it requires people to delve more deeply into a relationship, when they should just cut ties. Make it fast, be honest and don't feel sorry for anyone, says a writer for Marie Claire in an article about how to dump your boyfriend.

Let him know the deal: You won't be answering his calls or e-mails. You won't be accommodating him, if he shows up at your apartment. Eventually, if he has any personality and independence, he will stop bothering you--but only if you stick to these rules.

Ask Men recommends that guys keep it simple: There's no need to put her through the history of your decision to break up. She does deserve an explanation, but save her (and yourself) the long-winded reasons of exactly why and how things went sour.

WebMD, a more gender-neutral site, sides a bit more with WotWentWrong. Do learn from each relationship, says WebMD. Write down five things you appreciated about this relationship that you would like to have in the next one, and five things you would not like to create next time.

If a person is struggling to think of five things, sending out a WotWentWrong prompt may be the best way to fill out the rest of their journal entry. But WebMD was sure to advise a healthy dose of cold, hard reality. Instead of stalking your ex or making up excuses to call or see him or her, keep yourself busy with new activities, old friends, and healthy distractions.