New Apple iOS 7 features are displayed on screen during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2013 in San Francisco on June 10, 2013. Reuters/Stephen Lam

Another Worldwide Developers Conference, another slew of rumors and “leaks” to get everyone talking. The sort of techies who spend this time of year dreaming of the next iPhone are usually left with rumors and guesswork.

The latest supposed “leak” was a cleverly Photoshopped video that made the rounds last week via nowhereelse.fr:

Considering that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) hasn’t revealed an iPhone at the WWDC since the iPhone 4 (that’s four iPhones ago) in 2010, it was little surprise when the video turned out to be fake.

Every June and September, it seems, the Apple rumor machine gets going again. Tech sites post their own fantastic versions of the next generation, some outright outlandish, others conservative.

On a GSMArena story about the now debunked WWDC iPhone 6 leak, one user aptly named “again?” asks, “Guys, there are new speculations about iPhone every day now, can we just wait for the actual phone to be released in September? Seeing new topics on daily basis makes me dislike it even more.”

The answer is no, we can’t. We may be getting closer to pinning down what the new iPhone will probably look like, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors from flying.

Unofficial mockups have become an industry in themselves. URAvgConsumer went so far as to bring a mockup out to the streets to see what people thought about an iPhone that doesn’t even exist.

The iPhone 6 may be most eagerly awaited one yet. Rumors of major redesign have brought a torrent of speculation. We’ve seen everything from wraparound screens to a curved-back iPhone that could pass as a Mac mouse if flipped upside down.

Anticipation is so high that searches for “iPhone 6” outweighed searches for “iOS 8” five times over in May, even though the latter was actually revealed at WWDC.

Everyone else is guessing, so here's our prediction. As much as we’d like the next iPhone to be see-through or have a radically new curved screen, we think it’s going to look more like this. That’s supposedly coming directly from a factory in China where the new iPhone 6’s are being produced. Or ... maybe it's not.